sheds and log stores

Fabrication of wooden log stores, any shape and size. From something small just outside your door to keep the day’s firewood dry to large stores for drying your freshly felled firewood out in a properly ventilated area.

I can make a shed to store 1 cord and make it fit wherever you need it, or something huge for the serious firewood addict.

Each shed is priced as per your needs and specifications (roof type, size etc) and a free no obligation quote is given.

Solidly built and will last for years.

There is no longer any excuse to store your firewood on rotting pallets under a sheet of torn polythene!

  • Built with treated timber
  • Built to fit your specifications
  • Allows wood to dry in a properly ventilated area
  • Stops fungus/mould developing which can happen under polythene
  • Free, no obligation quote
  • Can be made to fit unused/awkward spaces
  • Far easier to stack firewood
  • Much tidier than pallets/tarpaulins etc